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The 3rd Leg of CPCL started off with more team this time around. A total of 17 Novice teams and 10 from Open Division. Here's the breakdown of the teams participated :- 

Novice Division (WERD Format v3.2)
  1. Ying Yang
  2. Reaperz
  3. Semarak Api A
  4. Semarak Api B
  5. Technip Hardheaded
  6. Regimen 66
  7. CMX Badai
  8. Demolition X2
  9. KSM Paintballers
  10. Kayyos Charlie
  11. Starex
  12. G.L.A. (MMU)
  13. SSi (MMU)
  14. Genji
  15. Puppy Assasin
  16. The Girls (All Girls Team)
  17. Menos Grande

 Open Division (WERD Format v5.2)
  1. RAZ Legion
  2. Republic CMX
  3. Dark Angels
  4. Kai Fan Killerz
  5. Exit Wound
  6. South Coast Enigma
  7. Xtioneers
  8. Rainforest Tigers
  9. Urban-X
  10. Flankers

CPCL uses WERD Format with a system designed by paintballers, this idea came about from Andrew Loh from Werdna Hol Sportz. As an avid paintballer himself, he knows how it's like playing in a paintball tournament. He has seen paintballers quitting the game due to it's high expenses when it comes to gearing up and following leagues. Therefore he thinks that a newer tournament structure should be setup to protect the paintballers. This is where WERD Format came up. One of the most appealing structure about the WERD Format is the Pool Money in the Preliminary Rounds. Teams ranked #1 - #8 on Day 1 will be rewarded with cash money, which helps the teams to 'lighten' up their heavy expenses on Day 2. Winners ranked from #1 - #8 will share the percentage as follows (from the Pool Money) :

This is CPCL 2010 3rd Leg's Day 1 Ranking : (Pool money of Rm200.00/ team in OPEN Division) These funds are deducted from the Registration Fees of Rm700.00. With a total of 10 teams participation in OPEN Division, the Pool Money comes up to a total of RM2,000.00

Rank #1 : Team Flankers (30%) RM600.00
Rank #2 : Team Xtioneers (25%) RM500.00
Rank #3 : Team Kai Fan Killerz (15%) RM300.00
Rank #4 : Team South Coast Enigma (10%) RM200.00
Rank #5 : Team RAZ Legion (5%) RM100.00
Rank #6 : Team Republic CMX (5%) RM100.00
Rank #7 : Team Rainforest Tigers (5%) RM100.00
Rank #8 : Team Urban-X (5%) RM100.00

For NOVICE Division , a total of Rm1,700.00 collected from 17 teams. (Rm100.00 deducted from the Registration Fees of Rm500.00)

Rank #1 : Team Ying Yang (30%) RM510.00
Rank #2 : Team Technip HardHeaded (25%) RM425.00
Rank #3 : Team Reaperz (15%) RM255.00
Rank #4 : Team The Girls (10%) RM170.00
Rank #5 : Team Regimen 66 (5%) RM85.00
Rank #6 : Team Genji (5%) RM85.00
Rank #7 : Team CMX Badai (5%) RM85.00
Rank #8 : Team Semarak Api A (5%) RM85.00

WERD Format also introduces the Bonus Round One-On-One for the Top 8 qualifiers (Both Divisions). Teams will have to choose their best players to challenge the other 7 teams to win this round. Winner collects 1 Box of paintballs FOC (and other sponsored stuffs) from the organizers. For this 3rd Leg, the NOVICE Division was called off due to insufficient time, but the OPEN Division proceeds as usual. Here's the results :

Quarter-Final :
Game #1 : Team Flankers vs Team Urban-X : Winner Team Flankers
Game #2 : Team Xtioneers vsRainforest Tigers : Winner Xtioneers
Game #3 : Team Kai Fan Killerz vs Team Republic CMX : Winner Team Kai Fan Killerz
Game #4 : Team South Coast Enigma vs Team RAZ Legion : Winner Team South Coast Enigma

Semi-Final :
Game #5 : Team Flankers vs Team South Coast Enigma : Winner Team Flankers
Game #6 : Team Kai Fan Killerz vs Team Xtioneers : Winner Team Kai Fan Killerz (Touch Gate)

Game #7 : Team Flankers vs Team Kai Fan Killerz : Winner Team Flankers (Head Shot - Shooting from 1st Bunker)

Mr.Daniel from Team Flankerz also won the CPCL 2010 2nd Leg Bonus Round One-On-One. He was playing with Team Nemesis that time. Which makes him a 2 time One-On-One Champion!

Novice Division :
Team Ying Yang scored a perfect game (all wins) for Day 1, ranking them #1 for the preliminary rounds. Followed by Team Technip HardHeaded with only 1 lost. Team Technip HardHeaded put on a good show for this 3rd leg. Team Reaperz are coming in strong with 3 lost out of 10 games. It was a last minute decision from Team Reaperz to proceed with the 3rd leg, it wasn't their full lineup this time. It was an impressive gameplay from Team Reaperz with some new lineups.

Alot of new teams this time but they're giving those seasoned teams a hard time, as quoted by Jimmy from Team Ying Yang. Team The Girls make their first appearance with only 5 players with no reserves, not bad when they're ranked #4 overall in the prelims. Regimen 66 was ranked #5 overall, a very good position especially when they're recballers who've just starting to move into speedball tournaments. Team Genji (voted the Best Rookie Team) positioned themselves at #6! Better than some teams which played tournaments before.

Team Genji should be on everyone's 'watchout' list. New entry from the CMX family, Team CMX Badai came up to #7 followed by Semarak Api A at #8. Team Demolition X2 lost 5 games positioning them at #9 while Team Kayyos Charlie lost 6 games at #10. Team Puppy Assassin's 11th position and Team Semarak Api B's 12th position were determined with 4 wins in the prelims. Team KSM at #13 as this is their 1st paintball tournament with only 2 wins. Another rookie team Team Starex came close at #15. MMU players (Multi Media University) participated with 2 teams, Team SSi & Team GLA were ranked #14 & #16 respectively.

Team Menos Grande, which is also their first tournament got the 17th position. Team SSi & Team GLA pulled out on Day 2 which gives Team Menos Grande a slot in rank #15. Teams for this division are expected to increase as the playing format are very adaptable to the newer teams. The organizers are targeting a minimum of 25 teams for the 4th Leg.

  1. Ying Yang
  2. Reaperz
  3. Regimen 66
  4. CMX Badai

Open Division :
This 3rd leg is one of the most excited ever in CPCL 2010. The returning of Team RAZ Legion, which they missed out on the 2nd Leg did an impressive comeback this time. It was a close shave in the semi-finals with Team Flankers.(3 games played) Team RAZ Legion's plan just can't seem to penetrate Team Flankers wall. For every changed game plan made by Team RAZ Legion seems to be in Team Flanker's drawing board.

Flankers can adapt to any changes on and off the field, which makes them a tough team to crack. Another fast and aggressive team, Team Xtioneers with a strong lineup managed to grab the 1st Runner Up spot. Impressive gameplay from them, securing the 50s most of time and eliminating other teams with ease.

The final game between them and Team Flankers were played very carefully, they didn't even reach the 50s on the 1st game this time with most of them positioned themselves at the 10s and 20s, giving the Flankers an easy finish. For the 2nd game in the finals, after learning from their mistakes they're back to their original plan which is to secure the 50s on the break. 2 frontman from Xtioneers did managed to hold the 50s line but it seems like Flankers knows every corner of the field. Again, Flankers forced themselves up the field slowly taking down the Xtioneers one by one. There wasn't much Xtionners can do this time.

Team Kai Fan Killerz which consists of players mostly from Team Halloweens grabbed the 3rd Runner Up position, while Team RAZ Legion came up with 2nd Runner Up. Team Kai Fan Killerz won the 1st match with quite a tough fight. RAZ did make some aggressive moves but got shot out easily by the Kai Fan Killerz. The 2nd and 3rd game Team RAZ Legion showed them what's a seasoned team are made of. Kai Fan Killerz got mowed down one by one easily and while holding down their position. It was a good fight between these 2 teams. Entertaining too. Superb ending for a last minute setup team from Kai Fan Killerz.

It wasn't a smooth flowing day for Team Republic CMX, new lineups with some original players wasn't around to attend this leg giving them a weaker performance this time. They managed to get themselves into the 6th position. Team Dark Angels wasn't at their peak this time too, mainly due to the fatigue from recent tournaments and insufficient reserves. Team Urban-X shares the same fate as they're also out of reserve players, some of the games are played with only 6 players, with some injured players playing too. Mixture of new lineups at last minute is every team's nightmare, it pulls them down the ranks. There's isn't much choice but to play the game they all love. New entries from Team Rainforest, South Coast Enigma and Exit Wounds secured #7, #5 and #8 respectively.

Team South Coast Enigma is a mixture of other teams from Team Spunky Militia, players from FlashPoint Paintball Park, etc. Seasoned teams are impressed with their tight gameplay. Most of them are only playing Division 3 in other tournaments. Good turnout from them. Should be another team to watchout for soon. Rainforest Tigers, also another mix and match lineup team seems to be satisfied with their outcome knowing the teammates were playing together for the first time, without trainings. Team Exit Wounds were practically 'wounded' but managed to position themselves at 8th place, impressive for such a new team who is playing with the best teams in Malaysia.

The 4th leg of CPCL 2010 will see more newer entries as this format is quickly gaining popularity with it's unique playing format and structure.

  1. Flankers
  2. Xtioneers
  3. RAZ Legion
  4. Kai Fan Killerz

Special Thanks to Mr.Fairuz from FlashPoint Paintball Park (Melaka) and the people from DyeAsia (Mr.Zyzek and staffs) for the sponsored equipments. It's a pleasure working with reputable industry players. Thank you once again. Thank you to Mr.Grant Harrison (Singapore) for making an appearance guesting with Team Dark Angels. Your attendance is very much appreciated.

Andrew Loh
Werdna Hol Sportz
CPCL Organizer

Note: Thank you Andrew on the sweet writeup. Gives some idea what went on for us who missed this tournament.

Ideologi Sempit - Big thanx to Mr Andrew Loh of Werdna Hol Sports for organizing such a great tournament, Mr Desmond Foo a.k.a Residentevilchef for the great pics, paintball are nothing without u man..and big credits goes to Mr Caranthir of VillainPaintball for the article..Million Thanx~!!!

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~CyBeRJaYa PaInTBaLL ChAmPioNsHiP LeaGue PaRT DeuX~

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Weekend yg sgt penat tp enjoy giler babas punya..gua dijemput skali lg oleh Rainforest 7 Tigers utk menyertai CPCL 3rd leg..kali ni ada 3 guest player selain gua..Shahril dari Dark Angel dan 2 player lg dari team haper tah..Lawrence and Kevin..Kudos to them~!!!

1st day..
Paiseh btol gua rasa. tak pernah2 gua gi training or tourney bleh lupa bawak jersey ngan pants.  Tetiba kali ni mende yg penting tu leh tertinggal kat umah. Da la gua tdo umah abg Sam mlm tu. Mcm dekat la plak Setapak ngan Bukit Jalil. Kalo sebelah jer kompom gua lari jap gi amek. Yg makin paiseh nyer, gua tak pasan langsung jersey ngan pants tertinggal. Padahal b4 lelapkan mata tu gua da bukak beg nak bersihkan facemask dan service marker. Sakit nyer ati tuhan jer tau. Nasib baik abg sam ada paintball pants ngan jersey lebih. Bleh la gua pnjam jap walhal hakikatnyer gua mmg tak baper selesa pakai barang org ni.

gua ngan takleh tdo nyer mlm tu bertolak ngan abg sam *org tua ni pn tak tdo gak* ke Cyberjaya Sports Arena. sampai2 tros setup marker and everything. Time2 ni la Smartpart ION *marker yg gua pakai dari jenama smartpart model ION* wat problem. Loader Vlocity takleh masuk kat feedneck ION sampaikan gua terpaksa carik black tape utk ketatkan loader tu. Tu pn da setengah nyawa dok kasik ketat. Kalo tak, sampai ke sudah gua takleh masukkan loader tu. After chrono speed dan isik gas, gua diperkenalkan dengan Lawrence, Kevin dan Shahril. Dsebabkan pengalaman dlm ISSC *rujuk entry ISSC*, so gua tak expect byk sgt from guest player. 

Perbezaan gua ngan guest player lain ialah, gua da biasa maen dgn Rainforest. so dari segi communication mmg takde masalah. Tp guest player yg 3 org ni baru 1st time men ngan Rainforest. Sbb tu gua tak letak hope tinggi sgt. Tp gua silap. They are the best guest player i've ever met. Tak perlu tunggu lama utk serasi. Maybe ditakdirkan yg dorg ni ada chemistry ngan Rainforest. Cth Lawrence. Cukup hebat jadik backup gua. Opponent pn tak berani nak kuar biler dier dah lock. Sampaikan gua bleh joget crawl sampai ke 50 yard ngan selamba jer. Muahahahahahaha~!!

1st round..
Rainforest managed to win 4 games from overall 10 games and that make us in 7th places and qualify for the quarterfinal.

Yang malangnyer masa 1st round tu gua kena tembak kat kepala 3 kali dan kat tekak skali. perghhh..perit beb. Berpinau jugak kepala. Seb baik ada panadol actifast. lega la sket kepala hotak gua ni. tang kena tekak tu, la ni sore gua da mcm paparock da. muahahahahahahaha~!! Tak guna punya opponent. Kot la nak tembak, bg la tempat lain. Ni kat kepala ngan tekak jugak lu bedal. 

Hari tu gua rasa mcm teruk sgt. Bukan teruk aper. Teruk sbb mcm2 jadik. Dari hal jersey ngan pants gua tertinggal kat umah membawak kepada jahanam nyer but yg gua pakai. Tak pernah gua men paintball pakai but sampai but tu rabak tak hengat. Mmg takleh nak diselamatkan lagi la. dari ujung jari sampai ke blakang tumit abes rabak. Gua pn tatau mcm mana leh rabak. Padahal baru 2 tournament gua pakai but tu. Dan utk kali pertamanya dlm sejarah idop gua men paintball, gua masuk padang pakai stokin jer. Giler horror. Buatnyer kena tembak kat jari kaki tu, kompom meraung la gua dlm padang. Tp semangat kesukanan nyer pasal, ngan takde kasut tu pn gua leh menangkan game. Siap berlari amek flag masa last game. Hakhakhak~

Quarterfinal round (2nd day)..
Rainforest's 1st game in quarterfinal round againts Xtioneer, rank in division 1. Although we lost, but at least we gave 'em a fight. We manage to take down 4 of their players.

Kali ni gua pakai pants sendirik. Sempat gak la gua balik umah after 1st day event tu utk amek jersey, pants ngan bandana gua. Cuma kali ni walaupun gua bawak jersey gua sendirik, Tp gua tetap nak pakai jersey Rainforest. Ntah la, rasa mcm seronok bila sama jersey ngan teammate lain. Oh yer, gua pakai but ok?? but yg rabak semalam tu sbnrnyer abg sam yg bg gua b4 ISSC. Dier tak muat sbb kaki comel sgt. Wahahahahaha~!! Quarterfinal tu gua pakai but gua senirik. But kesayangan kaler Gold/Black. Walaupun kalah kat pertarungan kalah mati ngan team Xtioneer. Tp rainforest kalah secara terhormat. Xde la jadik lauk bodo2 jer. Sekurang2 nyer ada fight jugak. Tp dorg pakai player import. Mat saleh sesat mana tah dorg kutip jadik player dorg. Cesss~

Walaupun tak berjaya sampai ke final. Tp gua selaku player jemputan utk Rainforest 7 Tigers berbangga sbb kami dah memberikan yg terbaik dlm setiap game. Walaupun game kitorg da abes tengahari, gua ngan teammate lain ttp stay menunggu final game. Xtioneer VS Flankerz *ni team nemesis legion ni..gatal2 gi tuko nama jadik Flankers. Tau la korang terer..hahaha* Mmg happening la scene kat sana. Dgn yg sambut besday kena tangkap pastu kena simbah ngan air pallet. Yg best nyer mana yg bkn besday pn kena especially Mr Organizer, Andrew Loh *siyes hebat mamat ni. tepi longkang yg kecik tu pn dier leh slide nak larikan diri nyer pasal* Tp tang kesiannyer bila Sifu Photographer, Mr Desmond Foo dicurahkan ais. Bangangnyer org yg curahkan tu, dier leh tak pecahkan ketul ais yg beso giler dlm cooler tu. Tak pasal2 Desmond injured tros.  Mcm Titanic kena hit ngan Iceberg. Sorry dez, feel sorry for what happen bro. Hope u are getting better by now. Speedy recovery bro.

Anyway, CONGRATS to da winner.
and KUDOS to all player..

CPCL Result 3rd Leg :-

Open Division -

1. Flankerz
2. Xtioneer
3. Raz Legion
4. South Coast Enigma
5. Kai Fan Killers
6. CMX
7. Rainforest 7 Tigers
8. Urban X

Dibawah ni gua letak sket gamba masa tourney ari tu..
kalo nak tgk full album sila tgk kat facebook gua.

Ideologi Sempit - Eksperiment pertama. Gua cuba ubah bentuk penulisan gua. Before this takde perenggan..ikot suka jer..la ni nampak mcm tersusun sket. KEPALA GUA BENJOL OKE???


before the game.

Lepak2 sblom masuk padang

Bruce lee ni masa org tgh sedap berborak dier leh bantai tdo..hampeh btol

take a pix with team Exit Wound from SG. They made it to quarterfinals but didn't want to go. Nice game with u guys~!!

With rainforest technical crew, Mr Sham

With South Coast Enigma waiting for the finals

Mr Atan from Raz Legion. Johorean beb~!!

Rainforest with Mr Kamsoon from Raz Legion


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~aDa aPe DgN WaVinG FLaG??~

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Sejak fenomena FIFA WORLD CUP melanda dunia..
saper yg tak kenal dengan artis kelahiran Somalia-Canada ni..
K-Naan cukup terkenal dengan lagu tema Piala Dunia bertajuk 'Waving Flag'..

Yang sbnrnyer gua nak bgtau baru ari ni gua dgr lagu ni secara full..
means dari mula sampai abes la..
mula tu pelik gak gua rasa bila sorg member gua, seorang ustaz dok asik layan lagu ni..
kena plak lagu ni lagu tema WORLD CUP..
lg la gua rasa mcm tak nak dgr..
*sila rujuk post Salam Kenal*
tapi ari ni disebabkan boring asik dgr lagu yg sama kat opis..
gua tergerak ati nak dgr lagu Waving Flag kat youtube...

Entah kenapa ati gua tertarik sgt pas dgr lagu ni..
*dulu tak nak dgr..skang dok giler ngan lagu ni..hamek obat*
dari versi asal hingga ke versi World Cup sampai la ke versi akustik sumer gua dgr..
masih tak puas ati..gua cuba wat sedikit research pasal lagu ni dan penyanyi nyer..
dan ini hasilnya..

Lahir di Somalia dan membesar di Mogadishu..
K'Naan atau nama sebenar beliau Keinan Abdi Warsame membesar di tengah2 peperangan saudara yg berlaku di Somalia yg berlaku pada tahun 1991..
Keinan dalam bahasa Somalia bermaksud Pengembara..
Makciknya bernama Magool adalah seorang penyanyi terkenal di Somalia dan datuk beliau yg bernama Haji Mohammad adalah seorang penyair..

Mungkin ramai yg tak tau bahawa K'Naan adalah seorang Muslim..
Beliau berjinak dengan lagu2 berentak Hip-Hop pada usia muda yang dikirimkan oleh bapanya yg terlebih dahulu berpindah ke Amerika..
Pada usia 13 tahun, K-Naan bersama ibunya dan 3 org adik beradik beliau telah berpindah dan menyertai saudara mara mereka di bandaraya New York sebelum berpindah ke Toronto, Kanada dimana terdapat satu komuniti kecil org2 Somalia.
Di sana K-Naan mula mempelajari Bahasa Inggeris dengan mendengar lagu2 bergenre Hip-Hop & Rap terutama dari artis Hip-Hop, Nas & Rakim..
Utk pengetahuan, K-Naan bukan sahaja seorang penyanyi..
Beliau juga merupakan seorang komposer, penyair, pencipta lagu & penulis lirik

Lagu Waving Flag adalah single ketiga dari album Troubador oleh K'Naan..dilancarkan pada 24 Februari 2009 dan berada di tangga kedua dlm carta Canadian Hot 100..
Dipilih dan diolah sebagai lagu tema utk Kempen Kebajikan oleh sekumpulan lebih 50 org artis Kanada yg bergabung membentuk Young Artist For Haiti utk mengisi tabung bantuan kemanusiaan ke atas mangsa gempa bumi di Haiti pada awal tahun 2010..
Antara artis yg terlibat dlm gabungan ini adalah seperti K-Naan sendiri, Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne dan Justin Bieber..
Lagu ini juga telah dipilih menjadi lagu rasmi utk Coca-Cola dlm siri Kempen Piala Dunia 2010 dan dirakamkan dibawah tajuk Wavin' Flag ( The Celebration Mix )..
Bukan sahaja lagu, liriknya juga telah diolah kembali supaya sesuai dengan Kempen Piala Dunia..
Ini termasuk beberapa patah perkataan yg menurut BILLBOARD adalah terlalu 'Ganas'..
*gua tak paham tang mana yg ganas..maybe sbb lirik asal berbaur kutukan ke atas kuasa2 besar dunia*
Terdapat beberapa versi lagu ini yg dinyanyikan semula oleh K-Naan sendiri bersama beberapa artis seperti Nancy Ajram, Jacky Cheung dan beberapa lagi artis antarabangsa.
Dibawah ini adalah senarai lagu Wavin' Flag dlm beberapa versi bahasa..

utk mendengar lagu wavin' flag dlm versi yg dah dinyatakan diatas..
sila click pada link yg telah diberikan..
gua suggest dgr sumer versi..
coz setiap versi ada kelainan yg tersendirik..
*unless for nepal punya version..tahaperhapertah*

Secara jujurnya gua katakan yg lagu ni telah memberi impak & fenomena baru dlm diri gua..
lagu tema World Cup yg Shakira dok nyanyi pn gua rasa tak sehebat lagu ni..
*hape ke nama lagu tu..gua tak igt*
Bukan jer lagu asal nya yg memperjuangkan nasib negara yg tertindas terutama Somalia..
Tapi jugak dipilih menjadik lagu tema bg 2 event yg besar..
padahal asalnya lagu Wavin' Flag adalah lagu indie dan dlm sekelip mata mendapat tempat dlm aliran mainstream..

dibawah ni gua selitkan vids lagu wavin' flag dari YOUNG ARTIST FOR HAITI..
*dak2 pompan mesti suka sbb Justin Bieber pn ada dlm lagu ni..pffttt~*

When I get older
I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom
Just like a wavin flag

Born from a throne
Older than Rome
But violent prone
Poor people zone

[Nelly Furtado]
But it’s my home
All I have known

[Sam Roberts]
Where I got grown
but now its gone

[Avril Lavigne]
Out of the darkness
in came the carnage
threatening my very survival

[Pierre Bouvier of Simple]
Fractured my streets
and broke all my dreams

[Tyler Connolly of Theory of a Deadman]
Feels like defeat to wretched retreat

So we strugglin’

[Kardinal Offishall]
Fighting to eat

And we wonderin’

[Kardinal Offishall]
If we’ll be free

[Jully Black]
We cannot wait for some faithful day
it’s too far away so right now I’ll say

[All - Chorus]
When I get older
I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom
Just like a waving flag
And then it goes back
And then it goes back
And then it goes back

Ahhho ahhho ahhho

So many wars, settling scores

[Deryck Whibley of Sum 41]
All that we’ve been through
and now there is more

[Serena Ryder]
I hear them say love is the way

[Jacob Hoggard of Hedley]
Love is the answer that’s what they say

[Emily Haines]
But were not just dreamers
of broken down grievers

[Hawsley Workman]
Our hand will reach us
and we will not see ya

This can’t control us
no it can’t hold us down

[Chin Injeti]
We gonna pick it up even though we still struggling

[Pierre Lapointe]
Au nom de la survie (In the name of survival)

and we wondering

[Pierre Lapointe]
Battant pour nos vie (Fighting for our lives)

We patiently wait
for some other day
[Fefe Dobson and Esthero]
thats too far away so right now we say

[All - Chorus]

[Drake - Rapping]
Uhh – well alright
How come when the media stops covering
and there’s a little help from the government
we forget about the people still struggling
and assume that its really all love again, nahh
see we don’t have to wait for things to break apart
if you weren’t involved before it’s never too late to start
you probably think that it’s too far to even have to care
well take a look at where you live what if it happened there?
you have to know the urge to make a change lies within
and we can be the reason that we see the flag rise again

[Nikki Yanofsky]
When I get older
I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom
Just like a wavin’ flag

[Matt Mays]
and then it goes back
[Justin Nozuka]
and then it goes back
[Nikki Yanofsky]
Then it goes back

[Chorus - All]

[Justin Bieber]
When I get older
When I get older
I will be stronger
just like a waving flag.

Perhatian - gua akan uploadkan lagu Wavin' Flag versi bahasa lain dlm format MP3 jika ada permintaan sahaja..sekian~

Ideologi Sempit - gua tak tdo dari smlm dok wat research ni okeh?? tp berbaloi2..tak jemu gua dgr lagu ni..kena plak ada mcm2 versi..mmg tabik spring la sama K-Naan..da patut sgt la terima award utk lagu ni..Indonesia dah ader..Malaysia bila lg ek?

**Sumber : Wikipedia & Youtube

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~[TuToRiaL] MicRoSoFT oFFiCe KoRg mTk PeNaMpO?~

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Gamba diatas takde kena mengena dengan entry gua

Setelah sekian lama gua peram otak gua..
tiba masanya gua curahkan sumernyer dlm blog kesayangan gua yg tak seberapa ni..
*blog gua low profile mcm tuan dier jugak..muahahahaha*

Apepun..ni 1st tutorial entry yg gua buat dlm blog gua..
walaupun tutorial ni lebih kepada kegunaan Power-User dan bukan End-User..
tp kalo End-User terjumpa prob mcm ni pn leh guna gak..
pendek kata Dunia IT ni sumer org leh paham ler..
antara minat ngan tak jer la yer tak? 

ok..berbalik pada prob yg gua nak ckp ni..
mungkin ada sesetengah org yg pernah ada masalah kalo nak bukak application Microsoft Office..
*yg gua kena ngan Outlook Office Professional 2003*
application tersebut seolah2 ingin membuat installation semula..
dan akan meminta file SKU011.CAB dari cd Office Professional 2003 seperti gambar dibawah..

Sorry to say..
lu org takkan jumpa file SKU011.CAB ni dlm cd tak kira la ori ker pirate..
*kalo da original CD pn takde..apatah lagik pirate..jgn bohong gua la kalo sumer ckp pakai ori..ahaks*
so..solution disini bukan pada cd..
tp pada registry key..
ape yg perlu lu org buat adalah melakukan sedikit ubahsuai atau omputeh kata EDIT pada registry key Microsoft Office..

Cara2 nyer adalah seperti dibawah..

1st. Click START dan pilih RUN..

Sila click utk tumbesaran yg tak baper sehat

2nd. Kat kotak RUN tu..lu org taip REGEDIT..pastu tekan ENTER..yg tu gua takyah nak tunjuk gamba la yer..budak tadika pn tau buat..kemudian akan terpaparlah interface REGEDIT tersebut..mcm kat bawah ni..

Sila click utk tumbesaran yg tak baper sehat

3rd. Carik HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE..click tanda + a.k.a EXPAND kat sebelah perkataan tu..pastu pilih SOFTWARE..expand kan lagik..then carik MICROSOFT..bila da jumpa, expand kan lagik mcm tadik..kemudian carik OFFICE..expand kan lagik dan lagik..pastu search 11.0 dan expand kan mcm tadik..lastly lu org carik DELIVERY..bawah perkataan tu lu org akan jumpa satu code panjang berjela..code tersebut adalah DownloadCode bg produk Microsoft Office lu org..kalo takde DownloadCode tu means pc lu org TAKDE MICROSOFT OFFICE..sekian..fuhhh..penat dok xplain ni..

aaa..dlm istilah shortform nyer..

4th.  ok..seterusnyer..click code tersebut *skali click jer* pastu tgk kat sebelah kanan tu..lu org akan nampak seperti dibawah ni..

 Sila click utk tumbesaran yg tak baper sehat

5th. Wokeh..langkah seterusnya..kat sebelah kanan tu..right-click kat CDCACHE kemudian pilih MODIFY..tukarkan VALUE DATA daripada 2 kepada 0..seperti gambar dibawah..

yg ni kalo lu org tak nampak gak tatau la nak ckp ape

6th. JGN LUPA TEKAN OK~!!! pastu..SIAP~! dan lu org leh bukak application Office lu org cam biasa..

PERINGATAN - jgn memandai2 nak ubah ape2 registry key kalo lu org tatau..registry key ni ibarat urat2 dlm badan lu org..andaikata satu urat putus especially urat otak..maka mental la lu org..sama gak mcm registry key ni..kalo lu org sengaja ubah2 tanpa merujuk pada yg tau..alamatnyer OS lu org akan jadik giler..sekian~

Ideologi Sempit - ok..gua pakai XP..so what? pakai latest2 pn kalo takat status End-User baik takyah..pakai jer la windows 95 tu lagik baik..muahahahahahaha~!!! btw gua da buat tutorial bergambar sesimple yg boleh utk bg lu org paham..kalo tak paham gak sila tanya senirik secara personal pada gua..sebarang pertanyaan melalui kaunter pertanyaan gua tak layan..sekian~

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