~My PaSsioN - CPCL 4th LeG~

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its hard...but we do it.
sometimes it sucks, but we do it anyway.
other times its amazing - so we do it more.
we fight. we win. we lose. we play.
we are nothing if we do not try.
we grind for the love of the sport.
for the love of the game.
we share it with our brothers.
we share it with our fans.
we do it because we want to.
we do it because we love it.
without it, we are nothing.
with it, we are everything

I've been traumatize by human love..
seriously..so i choose to fall in love with this sports..
who cares if u want to said anything bout me..
i don't give a damn..
i've been hurt million times just because i want someone to be my love, part of my life..
to be loved..sharing the feelings either happy or sad..to be care..
but all i got is a bleeding heart..
they tore me apart..gave me neverending suffer..
they make me feel nothing in this world worth for me to continue my life..
so..i made a hard decision..that i will keep my promise..to wait for someone..
someone that i can give all my love..
someone that can accept me for whoever i am..
for a mean while..i'll just let myself to drift along the time..
and continue to fight in the battlefield..
for that make me myself again..
the sweat, the bruises, the blood, the tears..
each time i pull the trigger, i feel more & more conscious..
i don't care if my body full of scars..
for each of that scars have its own story..
and this is the story of me..


*Picture meant a thousand words*

last game for prelim match 1st round

warming up before the game start

Firdaus K. tdo dlm iman :p

For more pics..
take a look at my FB..

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  1. takde org amek pic dier..
    how come nak ada?

  1. paintball!!!!
    yes... best giler this game...
    rasa macam terrorize ke bile nak shoot org lain..

    ps: jom lawan tembak! hahaha

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